As a non-profit ministry, we rely on our support to help us fund this ministry.  We value each contribution made to the ministry and pledge to use it judiciously as we continue the ministry.  

Sportspersons Ministries International is a 501 c 3 non-profit religious, tax deductible organization.  


Make checks payable to: 

Sportspersons Ministries International
PO Box 88336
Grand Rapids, MI 49518


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Pray that God gives us wisdom to use His resources wisely.  

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Sportspersons Ministries International exists to connect outdoors people with God, through  trust in Jesus Christ.  We do this by offering outdoors events with a ministry focus, aiding churches in their ministry efforts, and connecting businesses who have a desire to make a difference in the lives of outdoors people.  
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Businesses and outfitters can support SPI by providing sponsorships for certain outdoor events.  

Outfitters can support SPI by giving a donation for trips booked through SPI events.

Outfitters can donate fishing, hunting, and adventure trips for our Spring Banquet.  

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Business & Outfitters
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