Power Up! Outdoor Edition 
In 100 devotionals written by professional outdoorsmen Charles Alsheimer, Tracy Breen, Maury DeYoung, and others you'll find your faith and your strategy will grow. You'll read stories about hunting and fishing exploits that illustrate truths found in the Bible. An inspiring read and gift for the outdoorsman you know.

Hunting Season
Insights for Living From a Seasoned Hunter
Merging his passion for Christ and love for hunting, Maury DeYoung 
provides insights in how God's story is written into every good hunting story.
Sportspersons Ministries International exists to connect outdoors people with God, through  trust in Jesus Christ.  We do this by offering outdoors events with a ministry focus, aiding churches in their ministry efforts, and connecting businesses who have a desire to make a difference in the lives of outdoors people.  
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Enjoy Fishing, enjoy living!
A must read for every person who's ever sat by the water hoping a fish would bite.  In this book of short stories, author Maury DeYoung shares tales of fishing and shows how God is connected to cast we take.