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Twenty men and boys attended this year.  One Grandfather came with his son and two young grandsons.  Some men came with friends and others came alone.

Those who came early to fish on Friday found high winds on the bay, but adjusting to the river, fishing turned out quite well.  Not only did they catch some nice walleyes, the also landed some pike and catfish.   Fishing in the bay was different this year.  Fishing in areas where we caught lots of walleyes last year, didn’t produce as many, but new areas were more productive.  Doug showed his knowledge of the bay by finding fish in areas that we would not have considered.  Most of us caught several very nice (eatable size) walleyes on this weekend.  We caught more smaller fish this year, which is a good sign for the future fishing on the bay.

As usual, Doug and Chris Deming were wonderful hosts for this event.  Doug  shared insights on how to catch walleyes and also took some of us out on Saturday.  Chris organized fine meals for us at the lodge and also to take with us on the boat. 

On Friday night Jim Brandt shared insights on fishing.

The weekend was very meaningful as men broke away from the stress in their lives and enjoyed activities with men with similar interests.  It didn’t take long before men were talking with each other about what was happening in their lives.

Religiously men took a new or renewed look at their relationship with God over the weekend.  Not only did they observe Christians in  a natural  setting, they also heard about how to be connected and growing in their relationship with God through evening devotions, led by Maury De Young.  One man indicated that he is seriously considering Christianity and anther man put his trust in Jesus Christ on this weekend.  Several indicated that they took a step deeper in their relationship with God over the weekend.

Walleye Fishing Weekend
at Fish Pointe Lodge, Saginaw Bay, MI
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