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This summer we sponsored a prairie dog hunt.  The first day was rather slow on shooting as the plague had hit the area they were in, but moving to a new area gave all the shooting you wanted with a colony as far as you could see.

The accommodations consisted of a small cabin with one bedroom, pullout couch, sitting area and bathroom.  From the front porch one can see almost forever.  Additionally two sheepherder wagons were used for sleeping quarters with one bunk in each one.  A lot of historical flavor!  The Allens were more than gracious hosts, and meals taken in the ranch house were guaranteed to cause weight gain.

As usual, our host ranch family was superb.  Their western hospitality plus their daily practicing Christianity made it a welcome experience for all.   Food was outstanding.  Living into this western culture for a few days was very enlightening,  and the Cowboy Church service added significance to this event.

Prarie Dog Hunt
Model, Colorado
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The Real Wild West
article written by former participant
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