​4th Annual SPI Predator Hunting Tournament sponsored by Outdoorsman Pro Shop.

Friday, February 11- Saturday 12
Cost: $75/team

Check in/release: Feb 11 There will be a livestream video at 4:00pm that will explain how you will check in animals. The only thing your team will need is index cards, marker and zip ties. 

Weigh In: Feb 12 Doors open at 4:30pm with dinner starting shortly after 6:00pm Corinth Reformed Church (129 100th St SE, Byron Center, MI 49315). Must be in line to weigh in by 6:00. 

Teams can be 1-4 adults (can add additional 2 kids, under 18)
- Must follow all MI rules and regulations. 
- Must stay in MI
- This is for Fox and Coyote only (no bobcats, raccoons..)
- Must be harvested during the tournament (not before)
- Cannot use dogs, traps, snares, or live decoys only hunting and calling
- Pictures of each animal will need to be texted within hour of harvesting (if kid is in picture get 1 lb bonus, limit 2 bonus lbs). 
- Must hunt together as a team (cannot be in different locations or have non-team members helping)
- Must be fair chase (not inside ranch, high fence or from vehicle)
- Team must check in by 6:00 on February 12
- Top 3 teams will be asked to share where they killed the animals and what tactics they used (presented at the dinner). This is not so people have their spots known, but so we can all learn. 
- Winning team is the team with the most animals, we will use overall weight for ties. 

Prizes: There will be door prizes (each team member gets raffle ticket) along with prizes for winning teams. The more teams the more prizes. This is 100% payout for cash, plus prizes. Below is payout format for up to 39teams and under. If we get 40 or more teams we will add another payout for each 10 teams and adjust the percentages (40 teams pay out 4 spots, 50-5,....).

Grand Prize: Gift Plus Cash (45%)
2nd: Cash (30%)
3rd: Cash (15%)
Largest Coyote: Cash (5%) plus
Smallest Coyote: Cash (5%) 
Any questions call: 616-990-1075

There will also be raffle tickets for a gun. Tickets are only being sold at this event only for $5, we will draw the winner during the dinner. 

Here is what needs to be done to mark your kill. Put this on sheet:
Team number
Kill number
Word Browns.

  -Take a picture so that is visible with coyote and all possible team members (one can take pic)
  -Text that info to Ross (you have 1 hour) 616-990-1075 
  -Take video with kill sheet and animal shaking the animal (don't need to send)
  -Put paper in mouth (can put in baggie) over canine teeth and zip tie.