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Sportspersons Ministries International exists to connect outdoors people with God, through  trust in Jesus Christ.  We do this by offering outdoors events with a ministry focus, aiding churches in their ministry efforts, and connecting businesses who have a desire to make a difference in the lives of outdoors people.  
Our Purpose
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At SPI we believe that a life filled with adventure is good.

We also believe that relationships are formed  when people enjoy adventures together.  

We understand that not everyone shares the same relationship with God, but in this safe atmosphere, we can explore  a new relationship with the one who made this amazing world.  Some of you will be encouraged, refreshed, and renewed through these events.  Our desire is that everyone can experience God in new ways by participating.  

The events that we offer are designed with the intent of maintaining an adventure that a person could enjoy and feel comfortable inviting their child, parent or friend.   

What Are
Ministry Focused Events?
Focused Events
DIY Deer Workshops & Bow Hunts in Mid-MI-  Wanna get away bow hunting for a weekend and learn how to scout/hunt better. Here is your chance to join us for a weekend, Oct 15-18 or 22-25. This is not a guided hunt, but a weekend of hunting on public land filled with instruction on how to do 'Do It Yourself'. Spots are limited and first come first serve. For registration and full details click here. 
Summer fishing events
-All Species Tournament on Muskegon Lake- Sep 19- 8:00am-1:00pm. Launch and weigh in at Fishermans Landing. Cost is $25 per boat. 100% payout plus prizes will be given away!!
You may have up to 2 adults in your boat along with child 11-16 and children 10 and younger. Being an all species tournament you may weigh in multiple species of fish. You are allowed 2 of each species for any game fish (bass, walleye, pike, salmon....), 2 total non-game species (carp, catfish...) and 10 total panfish (perch, bluegill, crapie,..). For full rules go here- Rules
​To pay and register go here- Registration