Do It Yourself (DIY)
Workshops & Bowhunts in Mid-Michigan (Pierson, MI)
When: 2 Different weekends in Oct. 15-18 & Oct. 22-25 (you sign up for one). These will start at noon on Thursday (you can come later if needed) and will end at 1:00 PM on Sunday (you are free to hunt that night if you want). 

DIY Workshop/Hunt: This is not a guided hunt. You will be hunting, but you will need to do some work. This is to teach you how to plan/do a DIY hunt. It's a great chance for people wanting to learn how to do their own DIY hunts or grow as a hunter. We will be giving in depth instruction about how to do DIY hunts. How do you begin to plan a trip/hunt? What supplies are needed? How do you use maps to scout? This is to teach you how to hunt more effectively wherever you hunt or want to travel. Ross has been doing DIY hunts all over the Mid-West (success in 6 different states) for over 20 years with lots of success. He will be sharing his knowledge about hunting Whitetails with you during the week. 

What you get: Meals (3/day and snacks), lodging and help with scouting and setting stands. Each person will be given an area with some pre-selected stand locations on the public land to start. You have the chance to move to new locations (with help selecting/scouting new places). 

What you provide: You need to purchase MI hunting permit and deer tag. Transportation to Pierson and to your hunting locations (could be up to 45 mins away from the cabin).  Bring your own hunting equipment (clothes, bow, arrows....). You will need  your own tree stands, saddle or blinds (because we will be on public land no screw in steps). You will be setting your own tree-stands/blinds. It will be best maps on your phone to be able to get to pre-selected stand locations. Since it is early in the season you will want bug spray and/or a Thermacel to help with bugs. 

Where: Public lands in Mid-Michigan (within 45 minutes of Pierson, MI). 

More of the details- This doesn't include transportation or licenses. This is not a guided hunt you will need bring your own hunting equipment including tree-stands or blinds. This is on public land so we may run into other hunters and will need to adapt our plans. This is not just for trophy deer you will be able to shoot any legal buck/deer that gives you opportunity (you decide the standards). Besides just helping find stand locations there will be some instruction of the how/why for stand locations. In order to be fair to all hunters they will draw numbers for locations and will be given possible stand locations in those areas.  If you are wanting a trophy hunt this is probably not for you. This is not a fully guided hunt, the more work you put into the hunt the better the chances are you will be successful. The goal is to have a 'deer camp' feel to it and gain some more knowledge on how to be more successful wherever you hunt. 

Expectations: Each day at lunch time there will be a time to share stories/information and Ross will lead a devotional tying into the outdoors (it's ok if you are not a Christian you can sit, listen and ask questions). Ross will will go into detail on maps and share how/why stand sites were selected.  
Each Hunter will start with a couple of pre-scouted stand locations. Ross will have identified good places with potential trees marked for you, but these will just be suggestions for where you set up. There will be the expectation that you do not hunt near other hunters in our camp unless both parties are ok with that. 
There is also the expectation you will not come back to the stand locations  selected for you without first talking to Ross. This is public land, but we don't want you to simply 'steal' our spots we want to help educate you on how to find your own spots or continue to come back and hunt with us. We are doing this 2 weekends and may use some of the same spots, so we don't want you to just go back to the spots we selected for you. 

Registration & Cost: Cost is $100. We are limiting this camp to 8 participants per weekend. Registration will be first come first serve with payment required. If you need to cancel full refunds will be given up to 30 days before start of the hunt, 50% refund after that. There will also be a liability release all participants will need to sign prior to the hunt.  By signing up you acknowledge to obey all MI Game and Fish Laws and adhere to the guidelines of this hunt as defined by SPI. COVID GUIDELINES- PLEASE BE AWARE WE ARE TREATING THIS GROUP AS A FAMILIAR GROUP. BY ATTENDING, YOU'RE AGREEING SOCIAL DISTANCING WILL NOT BE ENFORCED AT THIS EVENT. YOU ARE FREE TO WEAR A MASK, BUT IT WILL NOT BE REQUIRED. 
– Am I showing any flu-like symptoms?
– Have I had a fever of 100.4 or higher in the past 14 days?
– Have I had prolonged exposure to someone who tested positive for COVID-19?
– Is there any medical reason why I believe I shouldn’t be around others?
If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, we strongly encourage you to stay home until you answer “no” to all of them. Please stay at home until you are well.

About Ross Graveling- Ross is the director of Sporstpersons  Ministries International(SPI). He is an avid bow-hunter that has been bow-hunting deer for close to 30 years and going on DIY hunts across the US for over 20 years. During that time he has videoed for national TV shows and had his own local TV show. With his bow Ross has harvested over 10 deer that gross score 125", including 4 bucks that are over 155" . Ross has been successful on DIY hunts in 6 different states. Some of those hunts were on public land, some on permission to hunt private and some on small leases (only last few years in IL). Ross has lead lots of seminars and talks about bow hunting, scouting, tactics and techniques.  Any questions can be directed to Ross- [email protected] or 616-990-1075. 
All the bucks pictured have been killed by Ross with a bow on DIY hunts in various states. 
Ross Killed this buck with bow on public land within 45 minutes of Pierson in 2016.