What is this? This is a hands-on, experiential workshop where you will learn how to set-up, call, select stand sites, and try different techniques. This is not simply a guided hunt, we will be teaching you and allowing you to hunt alongside us. This is like a seminar on steroids with experience in the field. 

What all is included?
-Hunting opportunity (you will get at least 2 times to be the shooter, we will be doing all the calling for you)
-Borrowed gear (you will be using a full set up that is all sighted in (gun, thermal scope, tripod)
-Food (Dinner, breakfast & snacks)
-Lodging (you need to bring pillow and bedding)
-Knowledge and hands-on experience 

We will be supplying all the hunting gear needed (besides clothes, need snow camo or white covers). We have complete guns set up with thermal scopes for you to use. We will be doing all the night hunting on private land in the Pierson area. After each hunt will will instruct the how and why of what happened. 

This is limited to the first 6-8 people signed up. All participants will get at least 2 chances to be a shooter during the night. When you are not a shooter we will be staying by the road listening so we can hear what is happening, but not interfere with the hunt. 

​Who is this for? People who are interested in trying coyote hunting for the first time. People who have been hunting but want to learn from a successful, experienced hunter and be able to try thermal gear. 

Who is leading this? Drew Born will be the one doing all the instruction. Drew is a guide at Born Outdoors and hunts coyotes in Kansas, North Dakota and Michigan. In a typical year he kills around 40 coyotes.

Where- Pierson, MI. We have a Cabin there where we will be staying and hunting in the area up there.

Cost- $100/person (if we need to cancel due to weather you will be refunded) 

Time- Start with a meal at 6:00 pm on Friday, Feb 21 in Pierson and ends at noon on Saturday, Feb 22. 

To sign up you need to call or text Ross, 616-990-1075. There is limited space, so sign up quickly if you are interested.

Additional info:
- Success is not guaranteed. This is a hunting and learning experience. 
- Must have a valid MI Base license (prefer Fur Harvester as well, in the case of a Fox coming in)
- Need to wear snow camo or white covers when hunting as well as hunting gear appropriate for weather conditions (if have ?'s or need advice talk to Ross)
- No alcohol or drugs since we will be hunting
- Must obey all MI hunting regulations

Coyote Hunting Workshop- Feb 21-22