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Maury DeYoung
Executive Director
Sportspersons, Ministries International
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Sportspersons Ministries International exists to connect outdoors people with God, through  trust in Jesus Christ.  We do this by offering outdoors events with a ministry focus, aiding churches in their ministry efforts, and connecting businesses who have a desire to make a difference in the lives of outdoors people.  
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Other topics available upon request.

Ministry Coaching
Assisting churches in starting and improving outdoor ministries
We can provide training for single events, on site coaching, and for developing an outdoor ministry in your community.  We also assist outdoors ministries in becoming more effective in their church community.  

Connecting with the Outdoorsmen
Having worked with more than 100 different outdoors ministries, Maury shares his expertise in how to get an outdoors ministry started

Maintaining a Successful Ministry
Using his 20+ years of experiences, Maury coaches leaders on maximizing successes and avoiding pitfalls to keep a ministry running smoothly

Relationship Evangelism
Maury with leaders to design ministry that meets people where they are

Outdoors Events
Maury speaks at all types outdoor of events including Wild Game & Fish Dinners, speaks at shows, and leads retreats for outdoors people. 

Hunting Adventures
Sharing hunting stories and tips, Maury finds ways to challenge the audience to discover a new or better relationship with Jesus Christ.  

Fishing Excursions
Sharing fishing stories and tips, Maury finds ways to challenge the audience to discover a new or better relationship with Jesus Christ.  

Sharing the Outdoors with Children/Grandchildren
Providing numerous examples, Maury encourages adults to find ways to help a child experience the joy of the outdoors.


Grief Seminars 
Sharing his experience with loss of his 16 year old son in a car accident in 2002, Maury shares how he has learned what grief is and how God will help you walk through that experience in your life.  

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Professional Speaker, Maury DeYoung