Date: Saturday, June 8 2019
Time: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm. The range will be open the entire time but you need to sign up for a time to shoot the course below. 
Location: Grand Valley Cap n Ballers- 3506 26th St, Hopkins, 49328
Details: We will be awarding the prizes and giving away door prizes at 3:00 pm and you need to be present to win. There will be free drinks and food available during the entire time. Youth can shoot at the range anytime during the day, but need to sign up to shoot the course during a specific time. These run every 30 minutes and have limited amount of space for each. The course is through the woods and you will be shooting at 30-35 silhouette targets. They will be different sizes and ranges. Your score will be based on the amount of targets you hit. Each group will have a judge who will keeping track of the scores. 
Divisions: There are 2 different age classes 12 and younger and 13-17. There is also a novice and open. For the Novice division we will provide you with an air riffle to shoot. To shoot in the Open division you need to shoot using your own air riffle (.22 or .17 caliber). 
You Need to fill out separate forms for each participant. May only participate in the competition one time, can't enter multiple time or divisions. 

Due to lack of interest at this time, we have cancelled the event.